New Work Coming Soon

Lately I’ve been inspired by art nouveau shapes and curls, and incorporating those elegant flowing patterns back into natural subjects, elevating them from common to exotic. This painting is part of my “Familiars” series of drawings and paintings of magical animals. They will be up on the website soon, but here's a preview of two pieces that will be available through Ghost Gallery this December!


Art nouveau style painting of a cat face.
Art nouveau style painting of a cat face.



About the Artist

Hi, I’m Ewelina, owner of Morning River Studio. It’s great to meet you!

I run a one-woman small business, painting out of my studio in Fremont, CA. Animals are my primary subject matter, and creating heirloom quality paintings allows me to celebrate that special connection people have with their pets.

When I’m not painting, you can find me digging in the garden or out for some light adventures with my husband and greyhound. Originally from the East Coast, we’ve been enjoying the new flavor of nature on this side of the country.